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The hard rock trio known as Seether has concocted an album that is ripe with vulnerable angst, as Disclaimer is a debut that follows the path that bands such as Staind and Cold have capitalized on in the 21st century. In fact, Seether's moody rock edge borders on the formerly prominent grunge style once championed by another trio, Nirvana. This comparison may be a bit overboard, yet the first half of Seether's debut does expose a visible Cobain influence on these three men from South Africa. Read more on

Track Title Length
1 Gasoline 2:49
2 69 Tea 3:31
3 Fine Again 4:04
4 Needles 3:26
5 Driven Under 4:34
6 Pride 4:07
7 Sympathetic 4:08
8 Your Bore 3:52
9 Fade Away 3:52
10 Pig 3:30
11 Fuck It 2:58
12 Broken 4:18