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Papa Roach

Metamorphosis is the sixth album by Californian rock band Papa Roach. It was released by DGC and Interscope on March 24, 2009. The album was originally planned to be titled Days of War, Nights of Love, which is a lyrical quote from the song "No More Secrets" on the band's previous album, The Paramour Sessions. Subsequently, two songs on the album are titled "Days of War" and "Nights of Love". On May 17, 2008, Papa Roach performed two new songs at the Nashville, Tennessee Crawfish Boil, "Hanging On" and "Change or Die". Read more on

Track Title Length
1 Days Of War 1:25
2 Change Or Die 3:19
3 Hollywood Whore 4:08
4 I Almost Told You That I Loved You 3:11
5 Lifeline 4:08
6 Had Enough 4:02
7 Live This Down 3:36
8 March Out Of The Darkness 4:25
9 Into The Light 3:28
10 Carry Me 4:26
11 Nights Of Love 5:16
12 State Of Emergency 5:07